The Birth of the Drop Shot

I fell asleep on the couch on a random Tuesday evening, waiting on some friends to get done with work so we could all go out and have some drinks while discussing concepts that I was working on. I woke up to a text from my friend Tyler Schlossman, asking if I had a name for the bar. It just came out, The Drop.

It's a name that encompasses all varying aspects of what we were thinking of doing with our first executed concept. Dance music, a recognizable logo, and what would become a new vessel for creative beverages, the Drop shot. Naturally, my best friend and manager, Bob Skelton, was the first to want to test out some ideas. We went to a few of our favorite spots, including Lincoln Station and the Tin Lizzie, coming up with random ideas like the Fire Dancer (Fireball dropped into Cider) and the Mexican Standoff (Jalapeno Tequila dropped into Bloody Mary mix and Corona.)

When our good friend Steve Yamada (Latitude 29, New Orleans) heard I was making moves to open my own place, he jumped on the creative bandwagon and started pumping out some amazing ideas including the Daydreamer (Vanilla Vodka dropped into fresh lemon and San Pellegrino Blood Orange soda,) the Buenas Noches (Tequila, Allspice Dram, chocolate syrup, Combier Orange dropped into a stout,) and the Ichabod (brandy and cream dropped into pumpkin ale.)

My right hand guy, Nick Crowley (Chicago q) provided us with another few dozen recipes and had a knack for figuring out the perfect names for many of the ridiculous concoctions we were putting together. Although we only have a handful of shots on our menu at any given time, there is a book of recipes to which we are constantly adding ideas.

Describing Drop shots to first-timers and friends who have yet to come through the doors is always a daunting task. I leave that to the bartenders and servers on our team. For me, I just tell everyone, "You have to try one to understand."


The Ichabod (Brandy and Cream, dropped into pumpkin ale)


Saint Rosa (Rosemary-infused tequila, dropped into fresh lime and San Pelligrino Grapefruit soda)


Mule Kick (Lime-infused vodka, dropped into ginger beer)


Fire Dancer (Fireball, dropped into apple cider)

Drop Chicago

1909 N Lincoln Ave,

Chicago, IL 60614

Phone. 312-574-0898