What is the dress code?

Our dress code is nightlife casual.

No athletic/gym wear, beach wear, camouflage, sleeveless shirts, face/neck tattoos, bandanas, exposed chains, boots, baggy or torn clothes. Hats must be worn forward.

The Drop Lounge reserves the right to deny entry to anyone at any time for any reason. The Drop Lounge is not responsible for lost or stolen items. By entering the Drop Lounge, guests agree to be filmed on camera for security, safety, and marketing purposes.

Will there be a line to get in?

Since we are a smaller venue, we sometimes have a short wait. The best way to avoid a line is to RSVP to info@dropchicago.com with your name and number of guests. Expert Tip: Making a table reservation will always guarantee you and your friends will have a spot waiting. No line, no wait.

What is the cover?

The Drop never charges a cover. We know that once you experience the great vibe and excellent service, you'll be sure to stay all night and have a memorable experience! For party packages, call 312.574.0898 or email info@dropchicago.com.

Drop Chicago

1909 N Lincoln Ave,

Chicago, IL 60614

Phone. 312-574-0898

Email. info@dropchicago.com